Stolen Jewels Rhinestone Set


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This bag of stolen jewels is full of the most precious gems found at the Bank of By Melolops! It includes 12 3g jars of glass rhinestones (sizes SS16 & SS12) , pearls, and gold foil flakes for adding final touches to any glam, and editorial makeup looks!

Stolen Jewels Set Includes 12 3g Jars of Glass Rhinestones, Pearls & Gold Foil Flakes 

  • Zafiro: True sapphire blue.
  • Aquamarine: True aquamarine blue.
  • Emerald: True emerald.
  • Jonquil: Yellow-green with gold shift.
  • Diamonds: Clear base with iridescent pink, and blue shift.
  • Garnet: True blood red.
  • Smoky Quartz: Deep cool toned brown.
  • Copper: True copper with red, and gold shift.
  • Bronze: True bronze.
  • Oro: True gold.
  • Pearls: Half white pearls.
  • Gold Foil: Gold foil flakes.


Apply onto face, and body using lash glue of choice.

Additional Information

  • Glass Stones (Size: SS16 & SS12)
  • 100% Gold Foil Flakes
  • Synthetic Pearls (Not the same as our Gold Bar Necklace pearls)
  • Net Wt: 3.0g / 0.10oz